We Hope You Will Enjoy Our Collection

Visiting Ibiza for many years with our families, we have always loved the laid back bohemian glamour of the White Isle. Every year, before every holiday we would struggle to find the kaftans, sarongs, and jewellery we wanted to take with us and would love buying from the boutiques on the beach.

After a visit in July 2015 with a group of friends we came up with the idea of a pop up retailer and online shop that would fill this gap in the market. After many cups of tea and coffee, chats with friends and family, Sugar Cove was launched in early 2016.  

The concept was to provide beautiful accessories that would add a bit of glamour to any holiday; items that could not be found on the high street and all at affordable prices. These accessories needed to be ethically sourced wherever possible and could be worn everyday as well as on holiday.

Our goal was clear from the start: everything we sold needed to be something that we ourselves would want to wear and at a price that we felt was good value.

Since then we have spent our time handpicking our collection of both summer and winter accessories inspired by the beaches of Ibiza, by Alpine ski resorts and by our holidays to far away places.

Tanya and Jules
Co-founders of Sugar Cove